So this is our garden section, which I am hoping to expand on in the near future but for now I hope you will like the bits we have on here already, great presents for your friends and family but also very easy presents for yourself !

Our cute plant markers which are perfect for our vegetable patches, and the beauty is they don’t wash off and blow away and look gorgeous too. They last for ever and people LOVE them.

We have new Grow bars which are fun present or a good way too start with interesting new seeds. They are so easy to use and can be used in a flat in London or start off a garden in country, have a look and see for yourself, just open and pop in a tray and add water and then once they start to grow then can be planted out in the garden or in a pot on the windowsill. The flavours and ideas are great and they are worth looking at as they all have a place in our homes !

I have a few Garden tools on here, lovely watering cans, which are really popular and then some useful tools, ones I personally love and one in particular just for my husband as he hates the dandelions that grow in our garden so the dandelion weeder is a great present for anyone who feels the same as my hubby !

Hand Drawn Cards