I have produced a range of candles which I hope you will love as much as I do, I am obsessed with candles and there is always one burning in my house.

The range is inspired by the smells of the kitchen and the garden. I love to walk through markets or gardens, stopping in my tracks to savour the smells of fresh mint, fresh vine tomatoes, the billowing jasmine or the abundance of lavender.

These smells conjure up memories of happy times, growing up and helping pick tomatoes from our little ramshackle greenhouse or staying with a client in Mougins planning a party and wandering around their beautiful garden in the early days of Summer.

I have so many favourites and I love them all, but interesting ones which I wouldn’t expect to like are lavender and fresh linen, both are really stunning and now I love them.

My old faithful’s are fig and vine tomato and then in the Winter I am never without the Midwinter night which is constantly burning at Squirrel Cottage.

Hand Drawn Cards