Our Story

https://theoxfordkitchenandgardenco.com/wp-content/uploads/theoxfordkitchenandgardenco-our-story.jpgThe Oxford Kitchen and Garden Co is “ inspired by my love of the Kitchen, the Garden and my Travels”A little moto that we love is “ i tactus, i sentio, amo”So our history of how The Oxford Kitchen and Garden Co was started. During the pandemic, the world of event and hospitality stalled, everything came to a halt and my world as I knew it stopped. Whilst I continued to work with Absolute Taste, my life of mad events and travelling the world has momentarily been paused.My mind however, which previously over flowed with my never ending to do list – designing parties, creating beautiful kitchens and working with clients on one of a kind launches for their brands, suddenly felt empty. Life had been so busy; between juggling being at home with my gorgeous son Joshie and our over excited and friendly dog Truffle, to travelling around the world and balancing this with my husband's travels too. All of this suddenly stopped though and we were left pondering what would come next for us.I have always been lucky enough to have been surrounded by amazing produce, beautiful products and fabulous people. I miss it desperately, so this is my way of keeping connected to a world I have always loved.As a chef I love the kitchen as it is a space for me to escape to. I have done a lot of cooking during these difficult months, as when I am in the kitchen, the world is nearly normal. Beautiful produce and delicious food make such a difference and therefore quality has played a major part of our new business.Over the years I have travelled the world with my work and seen so much which has inspired me. I have been in street markets in Istanbul, perfume shops in Riyadh and fresh food markets in Melbourne. I have worked with local artisans in George, SA creating perfect gifts for our clients, had beautiful pieces for us to use at an event made in Jeddah and have found local purveyors in St Tropez to provide us with exquisite decorations for a private party.Working with amazing clients, I have been so lucky to have been taken to these far-flung places and been able to work with local people to create something new. Here in the UK I have worked with small businesses, making slate and handmade leather trays for clients and wooden boards for one off parties. All of these inspiring people and companies have now motivated me to create and find a selection of quality products, homewares, garden bits and home poured candles to share with you. The candles have been designedat home by myself in my dining room, often late at night and often with a cup of tea and Radio 2 - it's not like I was having dinner parties anymore after all! It has been incredibly therapeutic and warming for the soul to create something in a calm environment, having always loved candles and rarely being without one burning beside me.And so The Oxford Kitchen and Garden Co has been born, a new world for me and one which I hope you will all enjoy as much as I do.After a couple of years in OKG has grown and we are present in a few shops and often pop up in The Curated Store in Stow on the Wold. The plans going forward are exciting and I am currently designing and getting excited to share these new products with you all. So please watch this space.Oh and yes there is a new member of the team, - we already have Truffle and now we have Twiglet who is abit of an over keen brown spaniel but a great addition to the OKG family.