Charity the pandemic I set up a charity with Ron Dennis and Nigel Harris called SalutetheNHS.It was an amazing journey and we packed over 1.2 million BOOST boxes and sent them to over 53 hospitals, all for the frontline NHS covid workers.During this time we worked with amazing partners but there were times when we had a surplus of food and we gave this to a variety of organisations one of which was the Oxford Food Bank.The whole journey was just incredible and I met some fabulous and gorgeous people who have massive hearts and an abundance of kindness and empathy.So in my new journey of OKG I would like to help and continue to work with these people, so I will be donating £1.00 from every candle sold to the Oxford Food Bank Charity.I also like to do a shout out to all our volunteers who religiously turned up everyday for over 3 months. I got to know these people really well, have kept in touch and some have become good friends. It is a constant reminder to me that even when things are tough, there are some gorgeous people in the world.